For Aid Providers

If you work for a non-governmental organization, state institution or private company which provides livelihoods assistance to conflict-affected people, we encourage you to advertise your support. In doing so, you will help to address a situation where many people are in need of livelihoods assistance but do not know how to access it.

You can do so by using the contact form below, telling us what assistance you offer, to whom and where. The website administrator will subsequently contact you and inform you about the possibilities of advertising the support you provide. It is easy and takes only very little of your time.

Please be aware that we will manage to respond only to requests for advertising available, non-commercial and non-political livelihoods assistance. We will advertise only those types of livelihoods support which we can verify (by personal visits, interviews, references). If you have any questions regarding the already advertised assistance, please contact directly its providers.

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