Types of Support

This website provides you with an overview of the main types of livelihoods support offered by the non-government organizations, state institutions and the private sector. Please be aware that since the amount of available support is limited, most of it is provided only to people who were significantly affected by the conflict and are in a poor economic situation (such as families with extremely low income, single mothers with children, people with a disability and other highly vulnerable groups). For more details about who can apply for the offered assistance, please see details in the description of the support available in the area where you live.


Financial Support for Self-Employment

People with an economically feasible business idea and the required expertise can apply for financial support (10,000 – 25,000 hryvnas) for developing small-scale businesses, such as food processing, carpentry, repairs and other services. The support is provided on a competitive basis, to applicants whose businesses are likely to generate income over an extended period of time.

The main aim of the support is to help people affected by the conflict to use their existing experience and skills for restoring previous or starting a new entrepreneurial activity. The support is provided for free, without any need to repay the grant. Until now, over two thousand conflict-affected families received such support and improved their livelihoods.


Support to Companies for Creating Employment

For many conflict-affected households, having a regular, long-term source of income is the main priority. Several organizations therefore support successfully operating small and medium enterprises (SME) in expanding their operations and employing more people. SMEs can apply for a financial support to a value of 35,000 – 200,000 hryvnas, depending on the number of people they employ. SMEs might be required to employ an internally displaced person (IDP) and to provide co-financing.


Assistance with Finding New Jobs

State Employment Centres and private recruitment companies provide people with information about available employment opportunities, depending on the job-seekers’ skills. They can also advise people on what qualifications are currently most demanded by the employers and help them with writing effective resumes and preparing for interviews.



Requalification Courses

Unemployed people whose current skills do not enable them to find employment can apply for requalification courses, including IT skills, accountancy or sewing. This website advertise only courses that are provided for free and in a classroom or workshop (no on-line courses). It is important to select the course based on a good understanding of what skills the current employers require, otherwise the course might not help with securing any job.


Financial Support to Homestead Food Production

People who are interested in increasing their homestead food production, (growing more crops and/ or raising more animals) for their own consumption and sale, can apply for financial support (10,000 – 25,000 hryvnas). The support is provided for free and can be used, for example, for (re)constructing greenhouses or other farm buildings, purchasing animals or smaller agricultural machinery. 



Support to Service Providers

Small-scale entrepreneurs interested in providing commercial services which benefit other community members can apply for financial and technical support. Priority is given to services which are not available and which will benefit a larger number of people (primarily poorer ones), such as transport to the markets, husbandry-related services or purchase and processing of local households’ production.


People who are interested in improving their skills can search for various opportunities tailored to their needs. Practical trainings are organized for rural communities allowing participants for learning from hands-on experience at successful farms, while micro-entrepreneurs can benefit from individual consultations provided by experts on respective subjects related to business development.