This website aims to provide conflict-affected households from the Donbass region in Ukraine with an overview of the livelihoods assistance offered by non-government organizations, government institutions and the private sector. It was initiated and designed in cooperation of the Livelihoods Working Group members, an informal network of non-governmental organizations.

  The vast majority of the assistance is available only for people in a poor economic situation and for companies that provide employment or services which benefit poorer people. The advertised assistance aims to help people improve their livelihoods by gaining employment, operating their own enterprises, accessing useful services or developing their homestead food production. 

  If you are an organization, state institution or company interested in advertising the livelihoods assistance you provide, please contact us using this form.

  Please be aware that although the website administrators are doing their best to verify the provided information, they do not take any responsibility for any incorrect or misleading content on this website which was provided by other people. The responsibility is always with the organization, institution or company who provided the advertised information. If you have any questions about the available assistance, please contact its provider directly.