Goats are the only source

The grant from the People in Need  funded by the Europinion Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department  helped to buy  of pedigreed goats, equipment for cheese making and vacuum packaging

Nadezhda  Grebenyuk lives in the Verkhnetoretskoe village in Yasinovatsky district with husband and 3 small children. Unfortunately, one of the daughters has an oncological diagnosis, so the family is particularly in need of money for trips to the hospital and special nutrition for the her. When conflict is started, Alexander lost his job on the railroad. The only source of income for the family was 4 goats and a vegetable garden. 25 000 UAH grant from the People in Need with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) helped to buy  of pedigreed goats, equipment for cheese making and vacuum packaging. Now the number of dairy goats has reached 8, and the herd replenished with 12 little goats. Also in the herd now there is a goat of Anglo-Nubian breed. The family sells cheese of solid sorts in vacuum packing, soft cheese and fresh goat milk. Usually, the sale takes place in the markets of Yasinovataya and Makeyevka - major cities in the territory of the DPR. Nadezhda explains it by the fact that the price of milk products there is a bit higher than in cities in Ukraine's controlled territories. She crosses the line of contact, not through official block posts, but uses hidden paths. Traveling on these paths is always associated with a great risk to life, but many of villagers use them.