Own car repair service

Dmitry (33) is an IDP from Horlivka, where he worked at official Skoda dealership before the conflict started. Dmitry is married and have two daughters, 8 months and 7 years. After the displacement, he settled in the small town of Liman in the northern part of Donetsk region. Here Dmitry opened his own car repair service, where he himself works as a mechanic. 

The grant from PIN enabled Dmitry to buy a system of computer diagnosis of cars, costing 28,000 UAH. The grant amounted in 25,000 UAH (1,000 USD), so Dmitry had to add 3,500 UAH of his own money. He says that the number of clients has not changed after the installation of the system, but now he is able to perform more services for each client, which were not available before, especially for those with modern cars. Previously, only one person in the location had such a system. Dmitry says that he would be equally happy to receive the system as an in-kind donation, but he was also happy to receive cash.

With an average of 10 cars per week, Dmitry’s monthly profit is around 15,000 UAH. He is unofficially employing two IDPs, one full-time and one – part-time. He says he would be happy to employ one more person for a full-time position, but he struggles to find an experienced, permanent employee, who wants to work. 

Most of his clients are IPDs, who are used to quality services and are not satisfied with local mechanics’ work ethic. Apart from Dmitry’s business, there is just one official car repair service and three unofficial in the area, but there are no explicit tensions among them; however, Dmitry’s efforts to regulate prices with them were not really successful. They agree on price orientation in principle, but do not stick to that. Nevertheless, they have good relations and Dmitry says that other providers even buy spare parts from him. He says, his only real nearest competitor is in Kramatorsk, so Dmitry considers his business truly useful for the local people.