Yoga – as a sense of life

Sometimes a time comes when a person decides to start a business. This heavy, but as it turned out - an interesting task Anastasia set for herself two years ago. To succeed in the desired business and change life, first of all, you need to start with yourself. And the young girl made the impossible possible!

It all started at the age of 19 years old, when she first came to yoga class. Different reasons bring people here: someone thinks it's fashionable, someone attends classes to promote health. Nastya had health problems, and doctors did not allow her to go in for sports. She simply loved the first class, but she could not attend regularly for a long time. When she found strength in herself, and the time to do yoga seriously, she realized that she wanted to become a yoga teacher. "At first, when I returned from studies, I was invited to work in a sports club. And then I opened my studio, "says Nastya. It all started from one room. The news that a new yoga studio opened in Slavyansk quickly spread through the city and new people were coming to school every day. "A some of newcomers quit, the majority still remains. After six months they get into the essence of yoga, they begin to hear themselves. We work on certain centers of our body, which begin to change the attitude toward the body and life. The first thing, that a person is changing - the regime of the day and nutrition, "- says Nastya.

After a while, Nastia realized that she needed to expand and became interested in grants. She heard from friends about the humanitarian organization "People in Need", which provides grants for the development of small businesses. She found an application on the Internet, submitted it and waited. "When they called and told me to come get a grant, I was surprised. I thought how great it was, especially for the New Year! ", recalls Nastya. The received 23 thousand hryvnia, she used to open the second hall and equip it: a second corridor was completed, new furniture and hammocks were procured, rugs in both halls, straps, bricks for classes, curtains. The "Balance" studio was transformed. People came from Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka. Now they come from Liman to practice yoga on hammocks. "It is unusual to practice yoga in hammocks, you are constantly in limbo, the spine stretches in a different way and the person's vestibular apparatus benefits. In addition, these classes are fun, interesting and you get positive emotions "- says Nastya. In the studio there is a group for children from 4 to 11 years old. Boys and girls are happy to attend classes. Also there is a corner with pictures of children, where they express their emotions. After 11 years they gradually move into the adult group. The studio is open to all comers. Nastya assures us that we should not be afraid that you are new to this and you will not succeed. Each new person comes to a group, stands next to an instructor and is supervised. "It's difficult to work when five new students with different physical shape come to class at a time, but I still manage to do it. One important restriction is still there - a person should be willing to do something, not be lazy. Pregnant people attend classes until the last, you can always adjust, there are special bricks to support. One time an IDP, who had surgery on the coccyx, attended yoga. We studied, did some assans, he told us about his feelings, and I studied with him. Now he has left, but he continues to do yoga on his own, "- says Nastya. Classes are held daily during the day. In the studio, there are instructors in hatha yoga, yoga in hammocks, oriental dances, bodyflex and female gymnastics. Nastya does not stop building development plans: "For me, the studio is my favorite business, which brings me the main income." Her dream is to open another studio in Slavyansk, on the "Artema" district.