The grant was the beginning of my work as a private teacher

"I have got the opportunity to diversify my English lessons. Now the children are mobile, we often play with them in class, speak and sing songs. There are different children in my groups and I need to find an individual approach to each of them," Natalya says.

Natalia is 29 years old, together with her husband Sergei and a 6 month-old daughter left Donetsk in February 2015. Because of the shelling of their area, the family decided to leave their beloved city and lost their jobs, connections with relatives, close friends and moved to a small village named Aleksandrovka.

Here Natalia was born and grew up, and here she graduated from high school. "I dreamed to be an English teacher, and my dream came true. I’ve got a teacher’s degree as and my diploma gave me the opportunity to work as an interpreter. After graduation, I’ve started to work as a teacher of a foreign language, says Natalya and specifies that she worked as a teacher in the electrometallurgical technical school for the last few years and she also gave the private lessons. Before the war, she passed a special certification: "Now I'm participating in webinars and tests to improve the level of English. But the main thing is that I have the opportunity here, in my native village, to do my favorite thing thanks to a grant of 13 thousand hryvnia from the organization "People in Need", Natalya says. It all started when we decided to start the free English courses for children who lived on NGCA. The courses took place in the musical school. After that my friends’ children joined these classes. Then the number of students increased and I had to refuse to children. I needed an office, furniture, literature, and I did not have money to buy it, because only my husband worked, "Natalia says.

As she looked for possibility to get a grant, she found information about financial support for the restoration of livelihood from the humanitarian organization "People in Need" in the Internet. "For a long time I doubted whether to write an application or not," Natalia recalled.

Natalia received a grant in December 2016. She had already spent part of the money to repair the class, to buy educational literature, English cards and tables for children with different levels of language, a board, etc. A corner with the best works of children and stands with information were created. The rest of the money, she will spend on furniture for the room and visual training literature. Since last autumn she has had 11 children, before that there were only 5 children. "Before the grant we had less work. Now I have a goal to create groups of 2-3 people. I think that I will succeed, I just have to believe in myself, "she says.

We look at this delicate girl and admire her faith and hope, she is so confident in the future and she knows exactly what she wants from life.